King Moore Biography

King Moore was clearly born with big stage presence. Inspired by YouTube videos he’d watch at age 3, Moore asked his dad if he could perform, too. And when the two years was up that his dad told him he had to wait, King wasted no time. At the age of 5, he reminded his parents, “I'm ready to start performing!" It would take just another two years after he began singing and rapping to release his first single “Big Dreams,” on his 7th birthday.

Letting his musical DNA shine through, King captivates with his catchy riffs, smooth dance moves and unique sense of style. Soon after "Big Dreams, he released his second single, “Pen Game,” streaming on all platforms. His musical influences include Michael Jackson, Rhianna, Ed Sheran, Chris Brown, Drake, Lil Baby, and Rod Wave.

The young musical phenom secured a distribution deal in April 2023 with Beatroot Music, a leading independent music distributor and part of the Made in Memphis Entertainment (MIME) family of companies.

An all-around performer, King also shows range as an actor who moves from comedic vibes to the dramatic. He made his feature film debut as Langdon in the independent dark comedy “Cora Bora,” released in March 2023. He also can be seen in an AT&T national commercial.

King thrives on the energy of creating music in the studio as he writes, produces and records his own music, in collaboration with the KZZ Lifestyle team. Taking to the stage is another story, anyone that has had the opportunity to witness King perform in front of a crowd of people can't deny the magic.

The Florida native lives in Texas but frequently travels coast-to-coast for his many artistic endeavors.